What if You Could Outsource to 100 CIOs?

Posted by Freedom Advisors on Nov 29, 2022 10:15:41 AM

According to "Pensions & Investments," demand for outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO) services by institutional investors has surged by 86% since 2017. Why? Because investing has become much more complicated and, coupled with the increased volatility of the markets, doing it properly demands more time and focus from advisors, time that they don’t have or would rather spend growing the business and helping clients realize their financial goals.

Now consider how valuable it would be to outsource to 100 CIOs instead of just one! With one CIO you are subject to the biases and limits of one person, as well as the risk of departure of that individual. Consider the brain power, reach, access, and combined experience of 100 CIOs supported by hundreds of investment professionals and leading-edge research systems.

But the approach cannot be “Here are 100 CIOs, now go sort through the philosophies, insights, and offerings of each on your own and figure out how to invest.” There must be a central investment team conducting due diligence on the organizations and performance of the 100 CIOs and curating the investment strategies and model portfolios. The central investment team, ideally CFAs, must read through what the CIOs and their research teams are writing, their best thinking, collate it and serve it up to you, bringing it all together in a suite of investment solutions at your fingertips that address the variety of investor needs you may need to fulfill.

As the name implies, chief investment officers are generally responsible for investment strategy, supervision of the investment process, policies, asset allocation, manager search, due diligence, selection and monitoring, and daily investment decisions. This is a full-time job, which is why so many advisors, family offices, and RIA firms have chosen to outsource part or all of the role. As they grapple with the limited number of hours in the day and the need to prioritize their own time, many have turned to the OCIO model.

Freedom Advisors provides much more than just another marketplace, incorporating both a suite of third-party professionally managed strategies and a customizable level of OCIO features. The investment team brings together on a single platform a curated menu of managers and model portfolios, each of which goes through a significant level of due diligence for inclusion on the platform, eliminating many of the struggles of completing due diligence on one’s own. Hundreds of model portfolios are offered as single-click solutions, freeing up even more time for advisor priorities.

The models in Freedom Advisors are a suite of offerings across multiple objectives and risk levels. Advisors find the model or models most appropriate for the client from a strategic, tactical, hybrid, income, and taxable standpoint with options to offer either multi-manager models with SMA sleeves or single-manager ETF or mutual fund models. Each model series typically offers five risk levels ranging from conservative to aggressive.

With Freedom Advisors you have 100 CIOs brought together by a central investment team accessible to you at all times to guide, create custom solutions, strategize, and even implement if you prefer.

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