13 Jul, 2022

    Advisor Finds a TAMP Taking Client Support to a Whole New Level

    Like many independent advisors, Kevin Stinson knew that selecting the right TAMP for his practice was one of the most critical business decisions he would make. Kevin also understood that while he could benefit by outsourcing many of his front and back-office responsibilities to a quality TAMP, he had a fiduciary responsibility to his clients to ensure that they received high-quality support and service for the fees paid.

    After interviewing and conducting extensive due diligence with several TAMPs of various sizes and specialties, Kevin decided to engage the team at Freedom Advisors, which some of his colleagues had recently selected. A few short months after transitioning his client base, Kevin was about to discover the extraordinary lengths Freedom Advisors would go to in supporting his practice. 

    Dream Home

    It started when he got a call from his youngest clients, Gary and Jenn Russell. Faced with one of the tightest home buying markets in years and following months of getting outbid on every home they pursued, the Russell’s finally struck gold when a seller accepted their bid on their dream home.

    But since they had to ratchet up their offer to win, they soon learned that they needed to come up with additional funds. That prompted the call to their financial advisor, Kevin. With no liquid cash readily available, the Russell’s needed to sell stock to gather the additional funds required for escrow and closing, and they needed the funds quickly.

    Kevin contacted his support team at Freedom Advisors and explained that the Russell’s would need help ensuring that these funds were readily available and deposited with the appropriate parties handling the home purchase.


    The operations team went to work immediately. Freedom Advisors has worked with many time-constrained clients who needed funds to close on a new home.

    The operations team kept Kevin and the clients abreast of every action taken for them and the timing of each step and what to expect next. Kevin's support specialist even provided the Russell’s with her cell phone number and email address and let them know they could contact her at any time with any questions. The operations team stayed in close contact with Kevin and the Russell’s throughout the process.

    We Agree: Client Support is Critical

    At Freedom Advisors, this is just another example in a long list of stories that illustrate how we put service at the forefront of everything we do. To our advisors and to us, client support may be the most critical service we offer!

    In a world where that extra touch of personal attention seems to be a lost art, it helps to know that it still does exist. If you would like to learn more about how Freedom Advisors can support your practice as an indispensable part of your team, download our advisor guide here, or simply give us a call at 866-913-2881.

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    Note: Names have been changed for confidentiality.

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