30 Sep, 2021

    Outsourcing Portfolio Construction

    As an experienced financial advisor, you know that managing a client’s wealth requires more than merely setting goals. Your clients’ success requires professional portfolio design and management over time.


    Once you have established the client’s investment objective, time horizon and risk tolerance, the investment process starts with effective portfolio construction. Giving your client the opportunity for success means access to and deep due diligence on potential investment strategies, portfolio models, money managers, and vehicles. Once the components of the portfolio are selected, constructing the portfolio with the right mix of each component is a science requiring time, expertise, and resources.


    Partnering with the right qualified turnkey asset management platform (TAMP) can allow you to delegate portfolio construction to skilled professionals with years of proven experience who understand your investment philosophy.  


    Portfolio Construction with Freedom Advisors

    Whether you wish to outsource to model providers or build your own models, the Freedom Advisors platform meets a multitude of different investor objectives and needs.

     The construction process begins with exhaustive due diligence and asset selection that includes:

    • A comprehensive vetting of money managers and strategies seeking to identify those that have proven to follow a consistent and successful process through multiple market cycles.

    • A focus on developing diversified portfolios using carefully selected managers and strategies with expertise in different investment approaches, asset classes and geographies.

    • The deliberate selection of complementary, low correlation strategies that provide diversification and potential portfolio stability, particularly during periods of market instability.

    Every model portfolio is constructed with a keen understanding of different client risk profiles and investment objectives. Assets are allocated by type and weight, seeking to optimize returns and managing portfolio risk.


    What this Means to You

    With Freedom Advisors, you have the confidence to know the model portfolios available or those you build have been created and curated on a strong foundation of research, due diligence, and design. Ultimately, portfolio construction is about creating portfolios that meet your clients’ needs over time, easily managed to adapt to changing economic or market environments.


    Outsourcing: More Efficient than In-House

    The decision to outsource some or all time-consuming and complex operational and administrative functions, investment due diligence, and portfolio construction and management to the right partner who knows you and your practice is the quickest and easiest way to scale your practice and free you to spend your time where you can have the greatest impact and make the biggest difference.

    The Right Outsource Partner

    When the right partner gives you the confidence to outsource these important functions, you are freed from the burdensome operational and administrative requirements.


    So, which is the right partner for you?

    We believe Freedom Advisors is that firm. Large enough and experienced enough to provide all the systems, programs, and services to address your needs, but small enough to know you and your advisory practice. Every advisor’s business matters to Freedom Advisors. Your business, your needs, and your opinions will matter to Freedom Advisors.

    We trust you have found this discussion helpful in providing insight on the services you can outsource. 


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    Advisory services are offered through EQIS Capital Management, Inc. ("EQIS"), a registered investment adviser. EQIS does not provide tax or legal advice. This is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered an offer to sell securities or provide investment advice. Investment strategies carry varying degrees of risk to include total loss. Diversification does not ensure a profit nor protect against loss. The representations and opinions herein are the opinions and view of EQIS and are believed to be reliable but are not guaranteed by EQIS nor its affiliates. Other sources may be available which contradict EQIS’s opinion, process, and methodology.


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